Corporate Moving

Lawrence Transportation has strived to provide simplified pricing while eliminating add-on charges to our customer’s final invoice. While many companies now offer simplified pricing, no company has worked as hard as Lawrence at reducing third party and accessorial costs. These add-on costs are often the hidden fillers that can cause the cost of your relocation to balloon.

Your Employees Are Our Top Priority. Our goal is to move your employees with the least amount of stress and disruption in their lives possible.

Lawrence Transportation has also incorporated a rate per mile fuel surcharge for corporate customers that in many cases, reduces corporate customers’ fuel surcharge expenses to half of what other companies charge. With the dependability of a company that has been a leader in the industry for almost 80 years; you will gain a reduced price without compromising quality or service. Lawrence Transportation has scored a 95% average “Willingness to recommend score” on its customer service surveys for the past few years and was recognized by Parsifal Corporation as a bench mark setter for quality in the moving industry.

How is your moving company reducing your expenses? Below are some ways Lawrence Transportation is helping to save you money.

  • Shuttles – Lawrence Transportation uses double trailers, whose small size helps our driver access areas that would not otherwise be accessible without a shuttle truck.
  • Fuel Surcharge – Lawrence charges a rate per mile vs. a percentage of the move cost.
  • Appliance Servicing – Our van operators perform standard icemaker, refrigerator, washer and dryer servicing to help reduce third party charges.
  • Crating – Whenever possible, our van operators perform their own crating at a rate that is much more affordable than most third party contractors.
  • Packing – Lawrence Transportation charges for packing a shipment by the weight, not by the number of boxes used.

With so many benefits, you can see why we’re leading the industry in price and customer satisfaction.